Struggles of freelancers

There are a lot of benefits to freelancing, such as working from home and no stress crashing down from an industry. However evidence suggests that for animators just beginning their career it is quite a struggle financially and a task people should undertake after they have adequate  knowledge in freelancing, time management and the practice they are undertaking.



Being your own Boss seems like an ideal situation however there are added responsibility that need attended. Such as monitoring electricity bills and subscriptions to software. Essential industry standard software’s such as Adobe, MAYA and 3DS MAX come a total cost of  $528 per month. There are cheaper or even free alternatives such as Blendr but each software requires a great deal of learning controls which can be a tedious process. This is costly as time is always money in this kind of working environment.


A popular income for crowdfunding is Kickstarter, a location in which someone pitches their ideas and backers will gather to help sponsor the creator. However studies show that 60 percent of content creators don’t meet the necessary goal that they have set. Although a worthy investment, it’s still a big gamble for pursuing creators. Another Income seen is the introduction of Twitch creative. Twitch TV is a highly focused gaming community that have recently released a creative channel allowing content creators to stream their creative processes. Viewers can then donate or pay for a monthly subscription. The only problem with this is Twitch remains a gaming channel and thus the communities focus shifts to more relevant things such as league of legends or hearthstone. This isn’t to say that freelancers shouldn’t invest in crowdfunding it’s just not guaranteed. A crowd is usually accumulated over time and that often comes with experience.

Ad revenue

Another big investment to help financially if ad revenue. One of the biggest and easiest ways to achieve this is YouTube. Like crowdfunding YouTube also need a large following to make a reputable profit. On Youtube the average pay per thousand viewers is only roughly $5. This almost ties in with crowdfunding as you need a large following in order for this to really go anywhere.


As a freelancer you will have to pursue clients more then you will wait. This will often come in form of competitions set up by larger companies. Google Alerts can help this proccess move along slightly. By using key words for example “freelancing” whenever an article uses that phrase it will pop up in your notifications. This is also a handy tip if you are looking to go into more studio or industry heavy jobs.


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