Know you industry – Job Interviews

A big part of job interviews falls upon preparation and nothing helps more then knowing the industry that you are applying for. Online you can find a range of information that can better equip you for this process. Some websites even show you feedback of what kind of question you’d expect from an interview. This Blog will underline certain techniques you might be able to use in order to help in these applications.


As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of feedback that you can get from people who applied before you. You can learn from their failure or success. An example of this can be seen with Blizzard. A lot of the time an interviewer will ask about previous projects that you have undertaken and it’s difficulty. A way we as animators can better prepare  for a question like this is to challenge ourselves. Work on a projects on our own and each time try and push for something just a little above our skill set.

Know your industry

When going for work with an industry you should know what it is you are applying for and show a general knowledge of the field. Particularly for animation you’ll want to understand who you are working with and what kind of equipment you’ll be using. For example here are some facts from some of my favourite companies.


general knowledge:

One of the founding fathers Edwin Catmull studies under Ivan Sutherland’s in the University of Utah whom is considered to be “the father of computer science”.

Toy Story 3 is currently the best selling film they have released however Finding Dory may exceed the title.


Some of the software that Pixar use are in the list below. It may help in the interviewing process to become familiar with these programs and learn their technical lingo.



Emeryville, California
 Vancouver, British-Columbia


general knowledge:

Blizzard was co founded by Michael Morhaime, Allen Adham, and Frank Pearce

Blizzard currently have four massive franchises; Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and Overwatch however in the past there were a lot of smaller names.


Feedback suggests that Blizzard are very particularly infamous with asking for technical feedback in interviews.

3DS Max
Z Brush


Blizzard currently have jobs in:

Ivine and Austin – USA



Shanghai – China

Taipei – Taiwan

Colour Psychology

In the circumstance of a physical interview always be conscientious with what colour you wear. Personally I recommend a blue, it promotes a subconscious sense of trust which is a value i believe to be of importance. Below is a chart that further investigates the values of colours.

colour (1).png


This is only a small sample of things that should be accommodated for. You should take time to really sit down and do research on the fascinating world of these industry giants. There is always something new to learn both about the industry and how you can better your image to them. It’s one of those things that is a non stop learning curve

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