Ways to set up a social web

Social networking is a very delicate and gradual skill necessary for any animator especially freelancing. A common question that is asked is what is the best website to use? The answer is you shouldn’t limit yourself to one. You should set up a sort of web, every account you have should join with each other in order to reach more people.


Facebook is a good place to start. You can create a page separate from your personal account. If you are looking to experiment you can try multiple pages to see which ones stick. Once you’ve settled on something you can then promote your page. You set a daily budget and it roughs out to be one like for every dollar. This sounds a bit excessive, but all good businesses need to make investments. This tool also helps to select target audiences which is amazing as it helps funnel people in that a more likely to enjoy your content rather then just see it once. This means a more loyal fans.



Assuming that you have completed the steps to create the Facebook set up you can now set up a YouTube account that has a identical and similar. If you then reference the two accounts you are bound to get users to migrate from one to the other. This is important as YouTube can serve as a income device and is an excellent way to show off your works as a creator. Without banner advertisement a user is looking at 80c per 1000 views however with banner advertisement this number shoots up to approximately $5 per 100 views. Once you get your name out there these figures gradually rise. Now if you are say OneyNG you easily make 1M views. That’s more then $5000 every upload. This doesn’t mean you should upload hundreds of videos without any effort put into them. Tender care and passion should go into all of you works for three reasons.

  1. Fans know sloppy work when they see it. People know when a creator is just in it for the many and number begin to dwindle
  2. You are presenting yourself as a creative professional. Often enough if you act and create with passion and careful design you can reference a lot of your videos on your portfolio. Youtube videos are easily embedded into other website. In fact any website using Html5 coding supports embedding.
  3. Uploading videos can effect how many of your videos pop up on peoples home pages. Let’s go deeper into this

As game theory explains below people that view all your videos are likely to have you at the top of their list of things to view. This goes both equally with Facebook and Youtube. Now if you are uploading more videos then what fans can keep up with Youtube will do what’s called a Sub-burn and start to drop off less viewers.

Why reference game theorist? Game theorist is a very repeatable amongst the community and puts hundreds of hours of careful research into every video he makes.

Benefits of using more then one media

As also mentioned in the video earlier changes can be made to websites by designers so suddenly. These designs may seem insignificant to the creator at a time but can have a massive effect on others. This is further reason to spread your wings across multiple platforms. Sometimes if a change effects one system it won’t effect the entire network. It depends on what your kind of set up you have created.


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