Animating the Hulk

maxresdefault (2).jpgA Lot of iterations have been made of the incredible hulk so it is hard to differ a proper analysis of his personality and backstory. The Incredible Hulk is an alter ego created by scientists
Bruce Banner to cope after his abusive father murdered his mother. Later while testing experimental weaponry Bruce was hit with gamma radiation. This triggered a reaction bringing Bruce’s alter ego to life and thus the hulk was born. Bruce and Hulk are in a constant distaste for each other, they change form back and forth depending on the heart rate of Bruce’s body. This is because the heart rate accelerates the gamma radiation.

The animated style I have chosen for hulk is the latest movie iteration. While Hulk is a wild and violent being he is also very switched on. Often during fight scenes he will analyse his surroundings and use any props to best his opponent. While he focus primarily on crushing his opponent he also shows ability to have a secondary function. He shows this in “Hulk 2003” As he successfully overpowers three mutant contains while protecting another main character stuck in her car.


Although these drawings these serve as an outline for the 3D project. I plan on showing Hulks more observant side through making him test alternative strategies to trouble shoot his surroundings. I also plan on giving him the animistic rage by throwing and breaking things while his initial plans don’t go as smoothly as he hopes. One of the motions that will be put into play is the Hulk throwing an object. Typically the Hulk plucks an object up quickly, then proceeds to favor a side sweeping throw. Another sequence revolves around the floating object in the middle of the obstacle course. This will be one of the big points in which he will put his problem shooting to the test. Eventually he will smash the object into pieces before running to the end zone and smashing the flag Pete Townshend style. Additionally any Jumps that Hulk attempts to make will be represented with his signature “bounding” that is seen in Hulk 2003. This bound is accompanied with a slight leg pedal, a little slower than his run cycle.

Hulk ref.PNGSome of the few desirable I hope to incorporate into my animation is Bruce Banner changing form. This would transpire at the start of the obstacle course where he may injure himself on the box. This would change the original sequence. Instead of attempting to cross the bridge he would go straight into smashing the and bypass the bridge all together.

When the cast from the hulk movies filmed they used motion capture Mark Ruffalo movements and body structure. However hulk is a very exaggerated character so a team had to assemble to edit all the motions and facial expressions. For these they used more traditional means of animating.

The above are some very rough outlines as to where the animation will take out. This will also give a rough example of what to expect from the animation. Most of the Hulks performances evolving the movies really relies on his


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