Obstacle course post mordem


The obstacle course project was designed for the person to chose a character of their choice. As well as this the animation could be either 2D or 3D This character then has to make his way through one of two given obstacle courses. For my course I chose Hulk as my inspiration for character. I planned to bring his uncontrolled rage to maya which was an unfamiliar program. The Hulk model was represented with the norman rig which was scaled upwards to a similar comparison to give the bulky feeling.

I feel like the throwing animation was one of the defining moments in the animation. This was the only scene that I sort to act out. The reference was done in three takes on top of some takes  from the hulks standalone movies. Specifically the 2008 The Incredible Hulk.

A lot went wrong with the obstacle course that needs addressed for the improvement of future projects. The problem started at the blocking out animation that I failed to see until I moved on with the project. The timing of the key actions were very poorly timed. This came down to the shameful mistake making everything 10 frames per action. This made the video progress way too fast for the viewer to interpret what was happening. Another thing that was heavily under developed was the walk cycles. They didn’t follow some of the key fundamentals of animation. Due to time management problems a few of the original scenes were cut out of the process.



Anticipating how I would go about improving this project if I were to do it again, I would heavily invest in reading the entirety of Richard Williams Animator’s Survival Kit. I feel as though his collected knowledge would help better shape my knowledge on the 12 principles of animation. I would also prepare myself and allocate my time more efficiently. Schedule slippage has been a very big definer throughout a large majority of the projects in Studio 1. Another thing I would improve on is a more sensible approach to keyframing in regards to blocked out animation.



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