Mini Specialization- Post Modem


The mini specialization was something that was intended to show a particular area in animation that the animator would like to improve upon and show skill and research. The area that I wanted to show increase in was emotion through character animation. I originally planned on doing this solely on facial animation however this later changed to wanting to include whole body language.This project was inspired heavily on “Riot games” decision a while back to incorporate facial rigging onto one of their characters “Poppy”. What really drew me to this was the concept of a character with a large head on a small body which would benefit more with facial rigging then a character in proportion. To replicate something remotely similar I chose to use the free character rig “BONNIE”. This character wasn’t entirely to scale with “Poppy” however her cartoonish aesthetic still gave her a head large enough to encourage the viewers focus.


working.21.pngI feel like the project was initially planned well. A lot of study went into examining facial movements. One of my favourite examples was the idea that a viewer can tell what mood a person is in based on the eyes and eyebrows alone. Another concept that I explored which almost completely derails the first was based on a study. Viewers were given a head to examine and define what they thought the expression was. However when the body was revealed the expression seemed completely different.

Unfortunately a lot of this theory didn’t get a lot of testing. Like most other projects this ended up being a case of poor time management. On top of this the quantity of work I wanted to produce wasn’t completed. Later to the end of the project I was hoping to have 4 walk cycles depicting different emotions as well as 3 total face changes. The walk cycle that was completed needed some improvements as well as random problems that occurred with the character’s hair.

If needed to be done again I would have scheduled the time more efficiently. Additionally I would have smoothed out the existing animation to improve its fluidity in movement as well as add secondary actions such as facial movement.


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