Cross Discipline Post Mortem

gghtyThere’s not much to talk about in this blog, the group work was very trouble free. Gone crab was a project brought forward by Jack
McClenaghan to our Studio. I am happy with how the game turned out, even some of my worst textures somehow seemed to work well in Unity.

Despite communication amongst the group remaining diligent there was a mild break down where two people textured the same shell but it wasn’t to much of a hassle as it gave Jack more variation to add to his environment. It was a funny little run in and no damage done.

For my contribution for textures I used Quixel, although I feel like some of my textures didn’t live up to standards I had made I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them turn out in engine. Jack seems to have a knack for making things look nice regardless of their actual quality, my hat goes off to him.

One of the things that stood out to the most which I have probably harped on about a lot in recent blogs is the importance of a good character rig. During the implementation stage of gone crab myself and one other animator spent a large amount of time fixing issues with the crabs rig.

Overall working with other disciplines was an enjoyable experience and I am disappointed I didn’t pick up more cross disciplines like this. Our games guy was pleasantly surprised upon seeing the crabs texture which was a major moral boost.



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