Cross Diciplinary

Small intro

Each studio students have presented the opportunity to collaborate with each other to both build skills in working with members of other disciplines and equipping ourselves with a better network. In the past, these projects have presented me with amazing advantages of working with some very talented people. Finishing this studio has once again delivered these same benefits.

Team smelling Colours

Starting things off I had the opportunity to collaborate with team smelly colours. They are making a game for their final project centering around the theme of an apocalyptic future. The player operates a crudely assembled Mech made up of what little resources the world has to offer. You, the pilot, then has to take on a large swarm of enemies. This battle is all accomplished using in VR using the Vive headset.

I have had the pleasure of working with some of these people before in Gone Crab. They needed place holder assets for their game for the test phase of their video game. I was surprising difficult for me to leave the thing alone and made myself a lot of dead ends. Ultimately I ended up just wasting a lot of time.  Reference one was the 4th iteration of the mech cockpit yet it is the 2nd one that didn’t get scrapped half way through.

second iteration.PNG

Reference 1

I ended up going back to the very first iteration after seeing it in the engine and falling in love with the team’s ability to make anything look interesting in the engine. All the iterations were made in 110 camera perspective to match what the viewer would see in the engine using the Vive. This was a challenge but I found a silver lining using the FFD modifier I managed to pinch and Pull the mech until it was a shape that looked natural. I still wasn’t happy with it but I guess I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that you were only ever going to see the interior

I then went ahead and modeled a controller for each hand, a chain for the jetpack and a turning controller which I was going to texture to look like and 8 ball gear stick. However while dabbling about with the model in 3Ds max a lot of the control layout was changed so a lot of the assets changed too. They are a place holders for a reason I guess.

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Place holder in engine

Logo Design

Hayden Logos - transparent-02

I really didn’t need this but a friend of a friend needed their LO’s ticked off so I was happy to have some fun playing around with a logo that someone else designed. Eventually, after they did a few iterations they settled on a logo and handed it over to me. What I ended up with was some super cool logo that was very easy to animate. It’s all I could ever ask for. So a set off to be obnoxious with it and played with it a ton in after effects.

fuck jake 3.PNG

Here I added the Logo to a visualizer if time constraints weren’t so strict I would add the code to scale the logo along side the rest of the visualizer. All in all, I was still quite satisfied with the way this turned out.

This was the outro of my showreel, it was a very fiddly process of keyframing masks to looks right. Looking back I should have really played around with the timing of the glow modifier. Additionally, I should have also looked into that strange trimming around the middle of the composition.


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